Monday, September 17, 2018

Location of the Madisonville Cemetery

On this Tobin map that shows property tracts from 1813, the Madisonville cemetery is seen marked in orange highlighter. Its position related to the bend in the river is important, according to the description Charles Parent J. gave in his will.

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The key to the location of the original Parent Cemetery (today's Madisonville Municipal Cemetery) is the large live oak tree called in the 1850's by the local residents "The Bathing Oak."

It did not move from 1850. It clearly shows the southern limits of the Parent property line since the 1790's when surveyor Trudeau adjusted the lines. 

For more information on the Madisonville Cemetery, see Vols. 7A and 7B of the Donald J. Sharp Collection called "The Tchefuncte River Corridor."